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Understanding Credit

Credit report score understanding.

In this section, you will learn just how important your personal credit is to helping you get the things you want, when you want them. And you'll learn how vital it is to take an active role in managing your credit as part of your day-to-day finances.

Equifax understands that good credit doesn't require a spotless payment history. But bad credit, once it's established, can be hard to escape.

We can show you the importance of your credit report and credit score, how they affect your financial status, and how to avoid problems with your credit.

Read on to learn more, and take charge of your credit today.

All about Credit
Start with the basics about credit. When you apply for a credit card, personal loan, or any other type of credit, the lender must decide if you are a good credit risk. Lenders do this by checking your credit report to see how you have paid debts in the past.

Phishing and Credit
Phishing is a credit scam that tricks consumers into providing their personal information like bank account information, credit card numbers, PINs or other sensitive personal information through spam or pop-ups. Learn how to protect yourself from phishers.

Credit History Report
Your credit history follows you and affects everything from the size of the loan you qualify for to the interest rates you receive.

Credit Reporting Agencys
Credit reporting agencies compile and sell information on consumers' credit histories -- their pattern of borrowing and repaying loans and their payment of personal bills.

Credit Card Debt Solution
There are warning signs of having too much credit card debt. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you might be heading into dangerous credit territory.