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Phishing and Credit

Beware of phishing

One of the main benefits of a free credit report is the ability to check your credit report for signs of identity theft. However, fraudsters may use the act to their advantage and find new ways to commit identity theft.

Phishing is a scam that tricks consumers into providing their personal information like bank account information, credit card numbers, PINs or other sensitive personal information through spam or pop-ups. The phishers pose as a company that you may do business with, your bank for instance, and claim that you need to update your account information. You are then directed to a phony website where you provide your personal information.

Be aware that consumers will never be contacted by Equifax or the centralized source to solicit orders for the free FACT Act credit report. The only way to get your free FACT Act report is to contact the centralized source through the methods described earlier. If you receive such a solicitation (or any other solicitation that seems suspicious), you should forward it to the FTC at If you believe you have already been scammed, you should file a complaint at

Equifax offers free phisher scam protection through the Equifax Toolbar. The Equifax Toolbar displays a visual safety rating for each Website you visit and alerts you before you enter a page that’s on a list of known scammers or has characteristics commonly associated with fraudulent Websites. To learn more about the free Equifax Toolbar and download it by going to the Equifax web site..